Papers - 1970-1974

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11. P. L. Luisi, F. Pezzana

Fractionation of stereoregular Poly-(S)-4-methyl-1-hexane and poly-(R) (S)-4-methyl-1-hexane on the basis of molecular weight

Europ. Polym. J. 6, 239-266 (1970)


12. S.A. Bernhard, M.F. Dunn, P. L. Luisi, P. Schack

Mechanistic studies on equine liver alcohol dehydrogenase. 1. The stoichiometry relationship of the coenzyme binding sites to the catalytic sites active in the reduction of aromatic aldehydes in the transient state.

Biochemistry 9, 185-192 (1970)


13. P. L. Luisi, R. Favilla

Tryptophan fluorescence quenching in horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Eur. J. Biochem 17, 91-94 (1970)


14. S. Pucci, M. Aglietto, P. L. Luisi

Sintesi di paraffine a basso peso molecolare conformazionalmente rigide

Gazz. Chim. Ital. 100, 159-174 (1970)


15. S.A. Bernhard, M.F. Dunn, P. L. Luisi, J.T. McFarland, P. Schack

Transient kinetic studies on horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Abstract of the 8th International Congress of Biochemistry, Switzerland 1970, p. 91. Staples Printers Ltd., Rochester, Kent, England


16. O. Bonsignori, P. L. Luisi and U. Suter

Influence of the stereoselectivity of the polymerization process on the optical activity of isotactic copolymers of enantiomeric a-olefins

Makromol. Chemie 149, 29-39 (1971)


17. S. Pucci, M. Aglietto, P. L. Luisi and P. Pino

Conformational equilibria in low- and high-molecular- weight paraffins

In: Conformational Analysis, pp. 203-218, Academic Press Inc., New York and London, 1971


18. P. L. Luisi and O. Bonsignori

Conformational equilibria in isotactic copolymers of enantiomeric a-olefins

J. Chem. Phys. 56, 4298-4302 (1972)


19. P. L. Luisi and R. Favilla

Mechanistic studies on horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase: The influence of the different premixings on the transient kinetics of aldehydes reduction

Biochemistry 11, 2303-2310 (1972)


20. P. L.Luisi

Calculation of the conformational properties of isotactic poly-a-olefins

Polymers 13, 232-241 (1972)


21. P. L. Luisi

Konformationseigenschaften von synthetischen und in der Natur vorkommenden Polymeren

Chemische Rundschau 26, 1-7 (1973)


22. P. L. Luisi, A. Olomucki, A. Baici and D. Karlovic

Fluorescence properties of octopine dehydrogenase

Biochemistry 12, 4100-4106 (1973)


23. A.A. Aboderin, E. Boedefeld, P. L. Luisi

Reaction of chicken egg white lysozyme with 7-chloro-4--nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazole

Bioch. Bioph. Acta 328, 20-30 (1973)


24. A.A. Aboderin, E. Boedefeld, P. L. Luisi

Alkaline conformational transition of chicken egg white Lysozyme

Bioch. Bioph. Acta 328, 31-34 (1973)


25. P. L. Luisi, F. Ciardelli

Configuration and Conformation of high polymers in Reactivity

in: Mechanism and Structure in Polymer Chemistry, (Chap. 15)

A.D. Jenkins and A. Ledwith, ed., Wiley and Sons, N.Y., 1974 (a review)


26. P. L. Luisi, M. Zandomeneghi

A mechanical model for the half-of-the-sites reactivity of oligomeric enzymes

Biophys. Chem. 1, 358-366 (1974)


27. A. Baici, P. L. Luisi, A. Olomucki, M.-0. Doublet, J. Klincak

Influence of ligands on the coenzyme dissociation constants in octopine dehydrogenase

Eur. J. Biochem. 46, 59-66 (1974)


28. P. L. Luisi, E. Bignetti

The half-of-the-sites reactivity of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase in the presence of alcohol substrates.

J. Mol. Biol. 88, 653-670 (1974)

Pier Luigi Luisi

Pier Luigi received his scientific education at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy. In 1970, he became professor at the Institut für Polymere at the ETH-Zürich and since 2006 he is part of the biology department of the University of Roma Tre. As a biochemist, he pioneered an active research in the self-organization of synthetic and biological systems, the origin of life, and semi-synthetic cellular systems (the so-called "mininal life"). Interested in the interface between science and humanities, in 1985 he founded Cortona week, legacy to this Todi-week, and participated, in 1987, to the foundation of Mind and Life in Dharamsala, India, with Francisco Varela and the Dalai Lama.

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