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573. D’Aguanno, E.; Altamura, E.; Mavelli, F.; Fahr, A.; Stano, P.; Luisi, P. L.

Physical routes to primitive cells: An experimental model based on the spontaneous entrapment of enzymes inside micrometer-sized liposomes.

MDPI Life 2015, 5, 969-996.


574. Stano, P.; Souza, T.; Carrara, P.; Altamura, E.; D’Aguanno, E.; Caputo, M.; Luisi, P. L.; Mavelli, F.

Recent biophysical issues about the preparation of solute-filled lipid vesicles.

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 2015, 22, 748-759.


576. Altamura, E.; Stano, P.; Walde, P.; Mavelli, F.

Giant vesicles as micro-sized enzymatic reactors: perspectives and recent experimental advancements.

International Journal of Unconventional Computing 2015, 11, 5-21.


577. Mavelli, F.; Marangoni, R.; Stano, P.

A simple protein synthesis model for the PURE system operation.

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2015, 77, 1185-1212.


578.  Gallo, V.; Stano, P.; Luisi, P. L.

Protein synthesis in sub-micrometer water-in-oil droplets.

ChemBioChem 2015, 16, 2073-2079.


579.  Souza, T. P.; Holzer, M.; Stano, P.; Steiniger, F.; May, S.; Schubert, R.; Fahr, A.; Luisi, P. L.

New insights into the growth and transformation of vesicles: a free-flow electrophoresis study.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2015, 119, 12212-12223.


580. Mavelli, F.; Stano, P.

Experiments and numerical modelling on the capture and concentration of transcription-translation machinery inside vesicles.

Artificial Life 2015, 21, 445-463.


581. Stano, P.; Mavelli. F.

Protocells Models in Origin of Life and Synthetic Biology (Editorial).

MDPI Life 2015, 5, 1700-1702.


582. Luisi, P. L.

Chemistry Constraints on the Origin of Life

Israel Journal of Chemistry 2015, 55, 906-918.


584. Mavelli, F.; Altamura, E.; Stano, P.

Giant vesicles as compartmentalized bio-reactors: a 3D modelling approach.

Communications in Computer and Information Science 2016, 587, 184-196.


586. Stano, P.; Luisi, P. L.

Theory and construction of semi-synthetic minimal cells.

In: “Synthetic Biology Handbook” D. N. Nesbeth (Ed.), CRC Press 2016, pages 209-258.


587. Luisi, P. L.

The synthetic approach in biology: Epistemic notes for synthetic biology.

In: “Life Together: Science, Philosophy and Theology on the Relational Character of Living Beings”. A. Aguilar and R. Pascual (Eds.), Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum – IF Press 2016, pages 43-58.


589. Damiano, L.; Kuruma, Y.; Stano, P. (Eds.)

SPECIAL ISSUE: What can synthetic biology offer to artificial intelligence (and vice versa)?

Biosystems 2016, Volume 148 (pp. 1-61).


590. Damiano, L.; Kuruma, Y.; Stano, P.

What can synthetic biology offer to artificial intelligence (and vice versa)? [Editorial].

Biosystems 2016, 148, 1-3.


594. Wieczorek, R.; Adamala, K.; Gasperi, T.; Polticelli, F.; Stano, P.

Small and random peptides: an unexplored reservoir of potentially functional primitive organocatalysts. The case of seryl-histidine.

MDPI Life 2017, 7, 19.


597. Stano, P.

The birth of liposome-based synthetic biology: A brief account.

In: Liposomes: Historical, Clinical and Molecular Perspectives, B. R. Pearson (Ed.), Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2017 (ISBN 978-1-53612-132-2), Chapter 2, pp. 37-52.

598. Souza, T.; Volpe Bossa, G., Stano, P.; Steiniger, F.; May, S.; Luisi, P. L., Fahr, A.

Vesicle aggregates as a model for primitive cellular assemblies.

LPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2017, 19, 20082-20092.

Pier Luigi Luisi

Pier Luigi received his scientific education at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Italy. In 1970, he became professor at the Institut für Polymere at the ETH-Zürich and since 2006 he is part of the biology department of the University of Roma Tre. As a biochemist, he pioneered an active research in the self-organization of synthetic and biological systems, the origin of life, and semi-synthetic cellular systems (the so-called "mininal life"). Interested in the interface between science and humanities, in 1985 he founded Cortona week, legacy to this Todi-week, and participated, in 1987, to the foundation of Mind and Life in Dharamsala, India, with Francisco Varela and the Dalai Lama.

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